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A little bit of inspiration for your everyday life… welcome to the Bits of Bri Podcast!


Hey loves, I’m your host(ess), Brianna K, also known as Bits of Bri. I’m a wife and mom of two littles (with #3 on the way!) and I’m on a mission to help women all over the world share their story, have more confidence and live their life to the fullest!


This podcast is a place for tips and advice to help your day to day life be that much better, plus motivation to accomplish your goals (big or small)! Along with some of my best kept secrets, I’ll be interviewing a diverse group of women in our community that are empowering others.


Back in 2015, I began sharing my journey as a new mom along with my passion for cleaning and decorating on YouTube. I’ve grown my channel to over 320,000 subscribers, with a multiple six-figure income. I'm able to have more time with my babies, contribute financially to our family, and do it all from my home. I’m here to empower you to follow your dreams and give you tips to do so.


I’m so excited to share this with you!

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