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Hey, thank you for visiting my page, I don't even know if there is anyone reading my blogs but thank you for giving your time.  In this post, it is somehow special to me, it is not just about giving my insights and guides in hiking mountains, it is also about how I saved myself from anxiety, troubling thoughts, real-life drama.  It may sound cheezy and exaggerating but seriously, we are all humans and as we go on, life trauma is inevitable.  Whatever challenges you are facing right now, just move forward, keep on hustling, keep on fighting for your goals. Never ever get tired of trying.  

 © Lei

Our dinner was a blast, BOODLE FIGHT! Seafood is dominating the table, it was really well prepared, they even formed the rice into TAWI-TAWI letters.  The best dish that all of us loved is SAANG, it was my first time and it is indeed, delicious. 

I brought my laptop with me hoping that I can still do some tasks for my online work whenever I have time. The only thing to bear in mind is that only one network has a signal there and that is Globe, sorry for Smart users but you will definitely disconnected when you reached Pangpang. I know, I should focus my time on vacation and set aside those works but 6 days off is difficult for me. I actually did finish some tasks when the lights were off and they were all sleeping. Trust me, I am that workaholic. But I make sure that I won’t miss any group games and plays. I can play hard still. 


It was an extra special for us because we witnessed the first LEPA Festival of Tawi-Tawi where boats are being designed with light decorations. Tribe music on the rhythm together with the dancing lights and fireworks, I was in awe. Passing through people taking photos and watching the row of artistic creations. It wasn’t perfect though. I was bothered by the voluminous piece of trash floating together with the reflection of bokeh lights right underneath the boats. I’m still positive to think that sooner, people will help each other to clean the bay. Tawi-Tawi has so many good things to give for its ecotourism and artistic rhythm. 



Simunul Island is where the first and oldest mosque located. It is the place where Islam started. I have so many Muslim friends and I am never scared or think the way most people think. We are all equal no matter what religion we belong to. 

We went to Boheh Sallang to have our lunch. “Boheh” means water and “Sallang” means Salt. We spent some time to have fun in the lagoon, it has fresh water and is open to the public. It has no maintenance, at least not yet, and some junk food wrapper is visible. Again, I’m hoping that people there will be responsible for their trash, I mean not just in Tawi-Tawi but for the whole country. 

Light patterns dancing in the waves of blue and clear water. We’ve reached Sangay Siapo Island after 50 minutes (approximate) from Simunul Island. Sunset on the left side of the horizon while the shades of Mount Bongao are facing on the other side. 

We’ve spent some time playing card games and taking some photos. I set up my phone to capture the sunset but it wasn’t saved, I was a bit sad but moved on afterward, it happens by the way. 


The night is coming and I was extremely happy staring at the sky, watching the milky way above us. I can see it, it is very visible since there is only a little amount of light on the island. I grabbed my mirrorless camera and took a shot for the Milkyway. I did several tries until I’ve got one best shot. 

We placed some mats at the beach sand and had some talks and games. The peaceful night turned out to be horrible when a coral snake spotted crawling very near to us. We were all shouting and laughing at the same time because some of us run so fast while holding playing cards, jumping and diving to the sand, saving our ass and completely fall into panic mode.  Another snake spotted crawling at the seashore, the third one is coming, the fourth one is on the other side. We were looking at each other wondering if we can still sleep on the island. We decided to go back to the boat and spend the rest of our night there. It was actually a very good thing to happen.

There is no enough space for us to sleep at the boat and the other option is to sleep at the rooftop. Five of us witnessed it, the stars, the milky way, collecting wishes, I just loved that night! I never thought that I could sleep under the sky in the middle of the ocean, hearing nothing but the waves while looking at the glitters. I will never forget that night, one of the bests in my life. 



Watching the sunrise while at the top of the boat, the shades of the clouds are extreme, a palette of pastel to bright colors. I was silent and staring at the beautiful nature. We headed to another Island,


Panampangan, which has the longest sand bar in the Philippines. We spent the whole day swimming and just feeling the vibe together with many starfish and unusual sea urchins. We owned the entire island for 4 hours and it feels so special.