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23:1 Fast-paced

If I will just talk about big dreams, goals and objectives in life, I have long list in mind. We can control what goals we want but one thing that’s uncertain is when. The timeline is difficult to handle, we can make our own but we can’t make sure that everything will be in our favor. There is no specific timeline for everybody, but there is a specific timeline designed for you, only.

It is just hard to imagine that my pacing in life is terribly fast, I have big dreams in mind and I am willing to wait for the perfect timing, but situations are happening instantly and surprisingly. I’m just 23, I should have more life with friends as planned, but I’m just 23 and I’m receiving too many opportunities in line, I grab some of them as long as I can learn from it, I took every chances, even for little things. I was too focused on working with those opportunities until I realised that my plan has changed. I am happy somehow, because it is now happening, the desires of my heart, the dreams I wished to happen few years from now. But the thing is, I need to advance my maturity. I have to, and I need to…

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