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23:3 Lucid Dreaming – Plane Crash

It is insanely hard to handle my nightmares especially when it involves disaster, death, and atrocious events. I have these series of dreams that involves plane crash and the weird thing is that, there is a specific scene that continuously replaying in my dreams thrice a week and sometimes everyday. Some are new but worse. Before you continue reading, please bear in mind that all of these are just coming from my head.

The yellow plane. I was in scape of something I don’t understand, escaping from people who are chasing for me. I am not alone, I know some faces who are with me helping me to go. I let them enter the yellow plane first, my brother told me that there is not enough space inside the plane, well the funny thing is that, I thought I was the one escaping. The yellow plane started to flew, not longer enough, the plane started to blow black smoke shaking and crashed. I was like, shit. When I look back, I no longer saw the people who are chasing me, that is the moment I recognised the dream that I am just dreaming.

Inverted plane. This is a very short scene but extremely hard to swallow. That plane was the only plane to take off that day and it has the famous people onboard. I saw it flying, inverted, up side down, that is the moment I told myself that I am just dreaming, I stared at it and when it started to flip, it suddenly flew downwards and crashed somewhere near where I am standing. We are all running to see the wreckage but the plane was gone, it turned to ashes, as well as the famous people onboard.

In the blue sky. This is something I thought was real in the first glance of my dreams. I was just standing, looking at the sky, the blue sky, hearing the echos of the plane, peacefully flying. The more I stare, the more heavy heart beating. The plane started to fly slowly, very slow, and one moment, when it stops moving, it just explode. Explode in front of my staring eyes and I was like, what the hell just happened? I look at my surrounding, I look at the people who are just there, they seemed don’t know what just happened, I asked someone but she don’t even answer, everyone is just too silent for that event and that was the moment I recognised myself that I am just dreaming.

You are in the future. Planes should have unique timeline of their take off but in my dream, many of them are flying at the same time. I saw planes like birds in the sky, I was asking someone, I don’t recognise him, that if those planes can have air traffic or what but the guy just said that “you are in the future”. The moment he said that, the same moment I smiled, well, I am just in my own dreams. I looked at the sky, I was amazed, and said “this is the future like shit, it is even look real”. I enjoyed the moment, it looks nice, until all the planes in the sky are started to stop flying, like they are all paused then shaking, I thought they will explode or something but they didn’t. Instead, they are started to fall one by one to the ground where there are so many people, including me. Everyone is screaming and I am looking for someone I can recognise, I know myself that I am just dreaming but that was just too real, it felt real, I ran fast until I woke up.

I’m in there. Most of the plane crash dream is where I am the one staring at those planes, but this dream is when I am in there, inside the plane. I can still remember what it looks like, it is totally different from the normal plane. It is very advanced, It has so many space, it is like a future airport inside the airplane, so weird. When the lights turned to red, and the security are started to direct us to the safety seats, It felt so real. The heart beat, the trauma, the scream, it feels devastating. It was like I knew already that we are all gonna die, we are crashing. Everyone fasten their seatbelt except me and someone, I helped that someone to fix the seatbelt and suddenly the light were all turned off, black, super black, I felt the crashing, I felt it like so weird and I realised that I haven’t fasten my seatbelt. I was holding the chair, the safety chair, everyone is screaming, I closed my eyes and told myself that it is just a dream, wake up! But I am still there and already recognise the dream as if it is really real. I really thought it is real like hell, damn, it felt so bad. When I heard the loud cracking noise and that we are in the ground already, I was like, shit I survived. I started to stand up and I can feel my body very exhausted, I opened something and I saw light outside. It was damn horrific when I look back to see if there are other survival, it turned out that I was the only one onboard. That is the moment I finally recognise it as just a dream, very atrocious dream.


What plane crash dream do you think that is keep on coming in my head thrice a week or sometimes everyday?


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