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23:4 Game of emotions

We’ve been friends for so long, you were my first buddy in college years. You were my companion, you were my entire horizon. You were, who knows me deeper, who entered my inner life, who knows my weaknesses. Weakness, where you found stimulus to play with my emotions, you know it is hard for me not to care about you, to love you, but you used that to play with my emotions. You ask things, let me do things, all for you, all in your favour, all for your own sake, because you know exactly that I’ll still do it, for you, because you love to play with my emotions.

I asked you, hoping that what you did is not wrong, hoping that you also feel the same way I felt about you, hoping to know if that feeling I’m having inside is something wonderful, but no. No, you said it already, that you only saw me as your “best fren”. You never correct that spelling, I know it wasn’t genuine, we never were, best friends, I don’t even know if we consider what we have as friendship. Two names were already involve, those two who cares about me genuinely, who entered my life to fix the broken pieces you did, two names who tried to switch me on, to grab me outside your game. But you are good at it, the games. You switched them instead, you’ve got their attention, stole their care, stole their companionship. You won two times, where am I now in the picture?

I tried to escape, because I know I am loosing. And it is better to lose you than to lose myself, because I never even have you, actually. But com’on, you are not over yet, you know I still have my weaknesses, and you are still playing with my emotions. Day by day, you made me someone I am not! Now that I am in process of fixing my own broken pieces, and found new name, you are there suddenly trying to roll the final dice.

I don’t know why I kept letting you to play, but dude, something has to end, stop playing your game, because I’m out! Your game is over and I am keeping the new name I have.


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