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23:5 Are you Happy?

Questions have specific answers, but not all. Some questions can give us time to think, because of its ambiguity.

Are you happy?

First, all of us are different individuals, and we have our own reasons of happiness. We have different types of living, different mode of satisfaction, and different ways to be happy.

Second, we may have the same land, same hours of living and same being. But it is up to us how we embrace the place we have right now, how we use our own time, how we live as a person. Travel might be one of your happiness, but maybe not for some. Eating might be one of your satisfaction, but maybe not for some. Money can be your happiness, but maybe not for some.

It is up to us, to you, how you can say that you are happy. It is no ones definition but yours.

What is the most important thing to consider is when you know exactly what makes you happy, and give it to yourself, the happiness you deserve. We should not look to what other people makes them happy, because they are not you, and you are not them.

The person with simpler reason of happiness are actually the happiest person.

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