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23:8 Adulting: Losing Friends

Our student years are surely memorable and most of our friends we have now were our schoolmates. How long do you think you can keep friendship with them?

I was very active in our school organisations and so I made so many friends. Some of them were very close to me, only few were actually left as my friends, real friends.

Why I have lost them?

Always remember that losing friends is part of your life especially if you are in adulting stage.

At some point in my life, I’ve learned to respect my time and value myself. Of course we all should do. I also accept that some of friends I have before are also growing up and they might as well filtering their circles. It’s natural. The only important thing to consider is to have even one or two friends who also choose you as their real friend as well.

I remember some people who only communicates with me if they need some work, of course it is not a big deal, they will pay me for the work I do for them. I am a graphic designer by the way, and I do design materials for birthdays or any celebrations. There is one friend who asked me to do her wedding invitation for a very cheap price, I just agreed since we were friends but the revision is insane and she even ask for some free work which is out of our deal. She even said that she will just pay me when the wedding day is done, I was completely shock, we were not even that close. I’ve done the designs and the wedding day is over, but she never replied.

If I value myself, I should take that incident seriously because there are so many challenges that might worst than that. So I will definitely not accept favor from her and I should ask at least a downpayment in my future projects. Clear communication is the key. But our friendship is already rotten.

Photo Credit: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi


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