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23:9 Words that Matter

Imagine you woke up one day in the future and there is a law that you have only 500 words to say or write or sign language in your entire life. And when you reached 501st word, you will be punished. And death is the punishment.

This is my fiction type thought that is rumbling in my head for a while now. What if we have to shut our mouth or stop spreading words in order to save our life? Would it be hard? Would it be a great advantage for some? 500 words is tough and you have to be careful of what you say or write, even a sign language. It means you have the limitation to express and to communicate.

Is it possible to just shut in your entire life? Maybe we will learn to filter the the words we have in mind. Showing love is easy to act without words but how about trying to explain your side that you are not happy and you’re hurt?

I think in this system, we will learn to focus on our lives more than what we think about other people. We will learn to focus on the family and love ones we have rather than trying to communicate with others. And the sad part would be, having new friends will never be a priority.

One day you will caught yourself lying in the ground, watching the night sky, feeling the environment, realising that being silent will help you feel and hear your inner self.

Even if there will be no such thing in the present moment and real life, we must as well have to learn to be mindful about the words we say, because wrong words might greatly affect someone’s life.

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