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A Perfect TRIP AT Buda: Celebrating Our 32nd Monthsary

Updated: Jun 26

Morning Bliss at Sonnen Berg

Our day began with the crisp morning air at Sonnen Berg, a charming spot that offered a perfect start to our adventure in Buda. For just 100 pesos, we were treated to a delightful experience that included not just the entrance fee, but also coffee and food. Sitting there, enjoying our morning coffee while soaking in the serene surroundings, was the perfect way to begin our celebration.

Lunch at Kaizen: A Taste of Japan

Next, we headed to Kaizen, a renowned Japanese restaurant, for lunch. We indulged in a culinary feast that transported us straight to the heart of Japan. Our order included the Original Ramen (495 pesos), Yakisoba (380 pesos), Vanilla Coffee Oat Latte (190 pesos), and Ginza Street Iced (195 pesos). Each dish was a masterpiece, bursting with flavors that delighted our taste buds. We also ordered sushi and BBQ for takeout, ensuring our dinner would be just as special.

Cozy Stay at Buda Mist Glass Cabin

Our accommodation for the night was the enchanting Buda Mist Glass Cabin. Priced at 4000 pesos for two, this exclusive retreat was worth every penny. The cabin, with its glass walls, offered panoramic views of the surrounding nature, making us feel like we were living in a dream. Zaira, the caretaker, was incredibly welcoming and kind, making our stay even more pleasant.

An Unexpected Shopping Adventure

A small hiccup occurred when we realized we had forgotten our bag of clothes. Fortunately, there were good stores nearby where we quickly bought new clothes and returned to the cabin within an hour. This little adventure added a fun twist to our day.

Relaxation and Reflection

Back at the cabin, we took time to enjoy its unique ambiance. The small pool was a refreshing treat, and we couldn't resist a quick dip. Afterward, we took a nap and woke up at 9:00 pm, ready for our delicious dinner. The evening was capped off perfectly with a bonfire at the firepit. Barry and I spent the night talking about our future plans, diet, and much more, making this celebration of our 32nd monthsary truly memorable.

Our trip to Buda was a beautiful blend of adventure, relaxation, and celebration. From the scenic beauty of Sonnen Berg to the delectable flavors at Kaizen, and the cozy comfort of Buda Mist Glass Cabin, every moment was perfect. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories, marking another wonderful chapter in our journey together.

Our time together at the Buda Mist Glass Cabin was nothing short of magical. Surrounded by the serene beauty of nature, we created memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it was cozying up by the fireplace, marveling at the starry night through the glass ceiling, or simply enjoying each other's company in such a tranquil setting, every moment was perfect. As we leave this enchanting retreat, our hearts are full, and we look forward to more adventures together in the future.

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