Essentials of Freelancers

Freelancing is a very interesting way to earn and it is not easy at all. Most freelancers went to a very hard transition from a corporate job but this is actually happening for most the workers when the Covid19 pandemic happen.

These are the things that freelancers should have:

1. Skill Set

You can’t start freelancing if you don’t know what you can offer. Online world are too different and difficult, you have to play your own game because nobody will hire you if you don’t believe that there is something you can do. You have to manage your own skills, own them, hone them. You can always start small and you just have to start. It could be organizing files, managing files, be a virtual assistant, making simple designs, there are too many to mention. So work on your skillset before finding those clients.

2. Portfolio

Portfolio is the strongest way to showcase your skills. This is the evidence that you can do the job and you can help the client. Portfolio is not about having designs or being a designer, it can be your past projects in writing an article, managing tasks, or anything that shows your strengths.

Portfolio can be in a form of PDF that you can send to the client but just make sure that the file is not too heavy so the client can easily check them. Portfolio can also be in a form of online presence like behance profile for graphic designers, blog page for writers, or any platforms that can showcase your skill sets.

3. Laptop

This one is obvious but if you plan to work at home, you can opt to use desktop but the reason why you should use laptop is that you will never know when you have the chance to go somewhere, travel, explore, and can bring the work with you. Someday you’ll realize that going somewhere may bring significant changes with your mindset and peace of mind and which those factors can affect you towards your work, in a great way.

You need to know the best laptop specs for you as well. You can’t use laptop with low memory or processor if you do heavy work like graphics, videos, and the like. If your work is writing, it is fine to have the entry level laptop as you just need certain applications to type. Furthermore, you don’t need to have the best processor or the fastest laptop in the world if you’re just starting. Think smarter, what will you do with that expensive laptop if you don’t have a client or you’re not earning yet? You can start small, choose the laptop specs that is enough and just upgrade later on if you need to.

4. Mobile

Mobile is not for social media or games or any entertainment, it is very essential for communicating with clients as well. Having a mobile plan with data is the best option to keep your freelancing life running. Timing is a huge factor in closing deals with clients and having a mobile with data can help you communicate efficiently.

5. Internet Connection

If you are working from home, having a very strong internet connection is a must especially if you are downloading and/or uploading heavy files. Internet connection is tricky and you have to know first what internet provider is best based on your area. Some ISP or internet service provider are good in a certain area and some are not and it really depends on the location.

If you are working from anywhere, having at least two telecom services is a must. I have been working from anywhere and I always make sure that I have enough data for both Smart and Globe (telecoms from Philippines). Again, connection depends on the location so you have to be prepared.

6. Travel Bag

When you are working from anywhere, you can’t just use any bag, you have to make sure that the bag has the capability to protect your tech or your laptop. Check if the bag has laptop sleeves, water resistant, strong and sturdy.

7. LinkedIn Profile

As a professional individual, especially in this new generation, LinkedIn is the new resume. You have to have a profile kn LinkedIn as most of the clients will probably check if you have the professional online presence. LinkedIn is a great platform too in terms of finding new clients.

Those are my top 7 essentials for freelancers, if you have some insights, other essential that might help as well, please leave a comment.

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