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I'm Back

It has been two years since I last opened up about my life. I gradually began retreating into the shadows, seeking refuge from the relentless anxiety induced by the online realm. Embracing offline life with my partner, I found solace in the comfort, joy, and sense of belonging that our companionship brings. As I navigate adulthood and strive for personal growth, I am in the process of establishing my own home. Departing from my parents, I am aware that they will reminisce about the days filled with pure happiness and shared adventures.

Many things have evolved, including my perspective, my comprehension, and my tranquility. I was unaware of the numerous challenges that lie ahead, but what excites me is that I am prepared for them. I became the President of our Homeoweners Association in which my term will end on December this year of 2024. I have done things I have never thought I could. I have launched my podcast and my podcasting course. I have invested multiple piece of land in Samal, Gensan, and Davao. I was hired to be part of the organizing team for Summerfrolic, a big music festival in the Philippines.

After all those experiences, I have reached a moment where I have finally decided to take a seat, pause, and write. Perhaps I wanted to share a very important lesson in life, and that is to allow yourself to explore the "what ifs" in life and to understand every objective of the things you wanted to do.

Two years ago, I made the decision to stop working out, believing that my body would stay fit. Unfortunately, after a few months of giving up on the gym, I ended up gaining almost double the weight I had previously lost. It's frustrating now because I had hoped to keep recording myself to produce videos, but my obesity is holding me back from doing so. Back when I was in good shape, the strong desire to film was absent.

My new objective will be to regain my fitness level. However, it will be more challenging due to the presence of my partner. It becomes difficult to decline food when it is offered by your partner. It is a struggle to make your own food choices when your partner has already prepared a meal. Staying in shape is tough when your body type differs from your partner's. But I guess I just have to take the challenge.

As the 2nd quarter of 2024 is coming to a close, I am eager to resume the habits I had set aside and start sharing my life once more.

Yours truly,


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