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Isdaan Floating Restaurant

Updated: May 21, 2019

Isdaan Floating Restaurant is known for its good food, great statues and tacsiyapo.  It is situated at the city of Gerona, Tarlac Philippines.  It is just a 3-hour average drive from Metro. 


Their food tastes so good with big serving, purposely for a family or barkada meal.  The prices are a bit higher than a usual restaurant but it is still the same thing because their serving is really enough and justifiable for the price.  I personally suggest you must try their Squid (Pusit)  and Lechon Manok.  


They have surreal statues, bigger than what you thought.  It was like they are being made more than a thousand months ago.  Very stunning and really good for photosnaps.  Those structures have similarities with Thailand's but it was really inspired by the masterpiece of a Thai.  In terms of “floating restaurant”, I just don't quite get why they called it a floating restaurant because the place is fixed, only thing is that they just have waters around every point, but it is not actually floating. Just a thought.


Tacsiyapo is a unique activity that you throw various breakable materials into a concrete wall in order to release your stress, worries, and any problems even in just for a moment.  They have mugs, plates, platter, even a television!  You can buy as many as you can and throw everything away. 


They have perfect service, from the guard welcoming and helping you to find a perfect spot to park, the servers who will assist you even if they are not assigned to your table, especially the after meal where they will hand you a calculater to let you audit if their calculation is correct and their attentively seeking for a feedback, comments and suggestions.


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