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Kaanibungan Ridge and the stories in-between.

Updated: May 28, 2019

Blank thoughts, looking outside the bus while traveling from General Santos City to Davao City. Music is loud but I can't hear the lyrics, I felt the heartbeat, I felt my soul wondering what happens next. Next thing that no one knows, wandering to places I hope I could find myself, char.

Anyway, before the month of May ends, I decided to go on a hike again, hoping that at least my weight will decrease somehow. :D

Kaanibungan Ridge is located at the Impasugong, Bukidnon in Barangay Impalutao.

This is a minor trek but I think all of the minor treks they have said is a major one for me. I think "Minor" and "Major" climb is wrong, I think it should be "Major" and "Major Major". Because damn, it wasn't easy at all! But we did it though.

I have joined a group again, with The Adventours, and we all meet at the 7/11 Abreeza, Davao. Here is the sample itinerary:

We had our breakfast at Jollibee Malaybalay branch because some locals said that they have the best burger in town, just kidding, of course it's the Jollibee you know.

We supposed to have our side trip at the Hobbit House but we decided to proceed to the Ant Farm instead for the registration.

Since we have more time in the morning, we visited Ananayak Falls, just less than an hour from Ant Farm, and have some pictorial, swimming, some adventure in crossing the river.

We started the trek from Ant Farm to Kaanibungan Ridge with good weather. We actually expected the rain as what the forecast said but luckily, there are no signs of it.

Breathtaking Mountains along your way, grasses are taller than me! It was such an adventure. It is an open trail which means that it is hotter and it makes your tone darker even more.

We reached the campsite before the sun sets and we had the opportunity to have a quick photoshoot and set up our tents. There is No signal up there. It is good to be first at the peak because you can choose the best spot for your tent so you really have to consider that and maybe a good motivation why you have to trek fast without losing the time of quick landscape photo opt.

We had our dinner and some drinking session, knowing my new friends from the group, realizing that I am more comfortable meeting new people now than before.

There is just someone, a man, who spills the tea of the night when he lost his self-control and open the topic about me and him, which wasn't a big deal for me at all.

So this is the "in-between" starts. Let me clear this, I am not hiking or go to any adventure to purposely meet someone. I am now at my stage where I no longer care about my lovelife status. How can I love someone if I could not even care about myself.

And so I realize that, if I will gonna put myself on that man's shoes, it is painful seeing myself begging. I remembered my past stories with my best friend. If I can talk to myself before, I should just have said that my best friend doesn't deserve me at all.

It is a bit weird and a pang of guilt because I let that man love me even though I know that it is hard for me to love anybody else, anymore.

Sooner it all makes sense.

Anyway, before the night ends, I finally took a photo of a milky way for the first time! Big thanks to the real photographer, Karl, who told me the secrets!

We woke up with the breeze and I was hoping that they haven't heard the talks from last night but I was wrong, all of them knows now. It is such a shame. But I just let it pass through. Again, it wasn't a big deal for me.

We started to descend to have our breakfast at Kapayawan falls but we were somehow stuck at the rapelling stage because we are the last group who left the camp site. The rappelling is unforgettable knowing that only one skinny man holding the rope.

After the rappelling stage, you will have to cross the Tagoloan River twice with both ascend and descend trek before you reach the Kapayawan Falls.

We had our breakfast and swimming at Kapayawan falls, killing some time and rest. There is a hidden pool at the top of Kapayawan falls where you can explore as well, just be careful with the slippery rocks.

After Kapayawan Falls, prepare for a boulder assault plus the heat of the sun which makes the ascend harder. After the boulder assault, you will gonna cross the pineapple plantation which only has a flat terrain which is much easier. There are some stores along the way back to Ant farm where you can refresh and relax.

We have encountered a goat having a strong face with fat hornes and what makes our adventure funnier is when we all run because the goat is attacking us. And it is even funnier when our tour guide just splash the goat with water so it can't attack us and said "Kandingun man gud" which we realize that water is the weakness of the goat. Such a thing.

We are almost there but the last challenge is the exhausting way back to Ant Farm where we have to take ascend again. But we did it!

Tips before the hike

  • Condition yourself, take some cardio exercise prior

  • Take some vitamins or energy booster

  • Have some sleep prior

  • Pack things light

  • Do not rest for more than 10 minutes when you trek

  • Do not drink plenty of water during the trek because it makes your body heavier.


The Adventours (2,200.00)


-3 meals Dinner/Breakfast/Lunch

-Transpo Davao-Bukidnon VV

-Driver's meals

-Guide fee, Permit to Climb, Environmental fee and Porter fee for food

-Free use of GoPro and Fujifilm Camera

-Free bag tag for Kaanibungan climb w/ personalized name

Before I end this blog, I just want to tell that this kind of activity is not for all, and there are still some who don't understand why we allocate time for this. I also want to add up that getting in touch with nature is the best feeling for some people who have troubled minds. I guarantee you that you will become a better version of yourself every after hike. Go out and don't just find yourself, but also find your purpose. Char again.

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Tessa D
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