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Mt. Wiji and the Sea of Clouds (Day 3)

Read Day 1 and Day 2 to know the basic details of this hike:

Catching the Sunrise

Our call time is 3:00am and we need to pack our things because we have to leave at 4:00am to start ascending in Mt. Wiji. By the way, this hike is in traverse. When we say traverse, it means that the trail we are going to take to go back from Barangay Mendis, where we started, is a different way. Backtrail is the opposite one which means we have to take the same route to go back.

Traversing Mt. Wiji, another mountain with the best view. We have to leave the Bamboo site to catch the sunrise at the peak of Mt. Wiji. Mt. Wiji is also known as Mt. Lumpanag.

We supposed to have breakfast at the Bamboo site but the guide told us that it is better to bring the food with us and just have the breakfast at the peak.

It was an assault, a very difficult ascend but you can totally see the beautiful view of clouds even you are still in the middle of the mountain. We were a bit worried because we saw some sheets of clouds coming in and it may block the view at the peak but luckily, it suddenly fade.

Cool air, shades of Mt. Kalatungan, pack of clouds. A view that makes you feel nearer to the sky. The sun is rising and we are all like, picture this and there. We were so lucky to have a very clear view, thanks to the guide who suggested to leave the Bamboo site early.

Most of the time, hikers won't able to see the view because of the weather or the humidity, fogs are blocking and it was really a lucky time for us.

We are all wearing the dri fit shirt I have designed and this got us an idea to have dri fit shirts for our upcoming hikes.

The tree at the peak is the most famous and common spot for the hikers who have visited Mt. Wiji. Bringing a flag of the Philippines even makes it more magical and sincere knowing that the country has a lot, has so many magical places, to offer.

Descending and my unforgettable fall

Our pacing was fast, that is what the guide told us. In fact, we reached Barangay Mendis earlier than planned.

We actually did some trail run, competing the time we had. Everything seems fine and everyone are very fast and fit. I was one of those in the front runner and in one moment, I lost a balance with my left ankles resulting to lose a grip and I fall when we were running downhill. That was my first fall for my entire hike experience which is a bit funny because my bag, which is bigger than me, ate my existence.

We keep on moving even if I have the pain in my left ankle, it was bearable though. Some things you encounter during the descend, the tall grasses that can scratch your arms so you must wear sleeves. You might also encounter the fogs that might cause zero visibility. The slippery muds and stones are also challenging, you have to step on the grass to avoid falling down.

We have reached Barangay Mendiz gym before the rain starts. I was worried for the hikers who are still at the peak because the way going down is really a bit challenging.

Some of my co-hikers stop at the store to have drinking session, they seems very happy about the overall experience. The water source at the gym is unpredictable so I end up cleaning myself using wet wipes.

We had our lunch and took some rest before we left the unforgettable place. I actually didn't eat because I have a problem with my stomach.

Awarding of Certificates

And yes! We have conquered the 5th Highest Mountain in the Philippines!


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