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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

How long do we have to answer "I don't know" about anything in our life?

If you're reading this, I'm sorry. It is not about the world, it is not about how to solve your problem, it is nothing.

I am writing now because I am anxious, bothered, silent, I don't know :(

How long do I need to feel this way, are you feeling the same way too? Is it because we are shifting to real mature life? or is it another phase of immaturity?

Pains of growing up. Am I really that lonely to even write this. Am I weird? Do you also do these types of moments in your life?

I'm not sad or whatever, I just somehow have this kind of minutes, hours, days, in my life where I just think about nothing and glancing at my past and future while forgetting my current state, where am I, how I ended being here, is there where I supposed to be?

Tskkk am I overreacting with life, am I OA? is it OA?

I wonder if there are some people out there who are facing the same anxiety, are you? Why do you even read this far? Am I bothering you yet? Sorry.

Honestly, no one knows I'm doing this kind of writing because maybe they knew I am somehow bringing light if I am with them, my friends, my family, to people who think they know me.

Why I have to go deeper. . . . .

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You're not OA all feelings are valid. It's ok to feel down at some times just like what you say at the previous blog, it's not always butterflies and rainbows. We need to conquer our own problems because we are our own mountains, in order to reach the top you need to encounter a rocky and slippery road because there's no short cut to success. Trust always gods plan. You were one of my inspiration to work really hard inorder to get what we really want, and i want to be like you someday who is already financially stable and already have car and house. I also want to travel around the world and that's the reason why im he…

Replying to

Ay makita diay sa uban akong message HAHAHAHA abi ko private 😭 HAHAHAHA cge nalang

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