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Road trip with College Circle

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

WARNING: This is a very long one but if you are bored, feel free to read 🙂

This is part of my birthday preparation. It is actually not my thing to write about my birthday because it is just all about the celebration alone and I know it won’t interest someone to know. But my 24th celebration is a kind of moment in my life that I have so many realisation that you might resonate.

My birthdate is February 20, Wednesday, and I know that my friends can’t come because I am in different city. I have set up two weekend celebration to be with my friends again since we are too busy living our adulting life. The first weekend is with my college friends, February 16-17, a pre-celebration.

I actually came from my Travel trip in Mati and I was going back home to Gensan but since I will be passing Davao, I’ll decided to meet my college friends there. Fortunately, my friend, DD, bring his car so we don’t need to commute. It was a 3-hour drive and it was fun. However, it wasn’t smooth experience because the left side of rear bumper was detached and it is not safe if we will just let it hang. We tried to tie some shawl in order to pull it temporarily while we are looking for some Vulcanising shop with welding services.

It wasn’t easy! We are not familiar with the place where the problem occurs but somehow we manage to find one. We just need to ask some people there and be friendly.

While waiting for the car to be fixed, I used the time to record it, which is my thing. They are avoiding the camera though and I still insist and we are just like cats and dogs.

I was trying to make a video blog or vlog but wasn’t sure where and how to start. I am also thinking what language should I use, if it is in English or in Tagalog, our native language. I know what ever language I use is fine as long as I’m comfortable. Though I have a reason why I wanted it to be in English because I am not fluent and I want to encourage myself to speak more in English to have some development. It is important for me because I am working online and my clients are not Filipinos so I really need to be fluent in English. But if I am going to video myself with my friends, I think I am much more comfortable to talk in our native language. I just have thoughts in my mind that bisayan people like me have a weird feeling if we heard someone, who is a bisaya, speaking in tagalog. Anyway, it’s not your problem.

The Roadtrip is very fun and I am naturally crazy when I’m with my circles. I usually makes some jokes that wasn’t meant to be jokes but they are laughing out loud. But some part of me saying, I’m a happy person but a loner one sometimes.

It was a mixture of realisation about me when I’m alone, with I’m with my friends, my circles or new people. Some part of me is inconsistent but true. This a thought that maybe I should think of sometimes. I have read a lot introverts and extroverts and both of their traits are actually present in my personality. I’m not sure if it is good for me but I think it’s hard to distinguish my true self because both personalities are challenging me to become me.

In the middle of the trip, we have noticed two familiar people, and yeah, they are actually my friends who are also going to our Home. Apple and Marjun, they are lovers and decided to go by their motorcycle. It was risky actually, the road is not always cemented and flat and sometimes it is in zigzag way but they managed to ride safely.

This is Juvy, she is a simple type, happy go lucky person, and we are all happy to know that she is in a relationship, we were teasing her when her boyfriend was calling. We were screaming out of excitement and suddenly Juvy said that her boyfriend dropped the call because of us. Of course the road trip isn’t cool if there is no moments like that. We were all guilty and trying apologise but Juvy is cool and just let it pass. That was our time to be each other anyway and of course her boyfriend understand that. After a few minutes, when her boyfriend was calling again, we were surprisingly silent and just hearing the words coming from Juvy’s mouth because they are tooo chessssyyyyy. When the call was ended, we are all laughing and teasing her. It was cute.

When we reached Gensan City, I guided them the way going to our home. DD turned off google maps and just followed the route I am telling. It was fun because I look very stupid when I say turn left when there is no road going right. When we almost reached the destination, Dd’s girlfriend, Kim, turned on the google maps and found out that there is actually a shortcut way which has the bigger road and no traffic.

We took the 20 minute way when there is 9 minute one. I don’t know the shorter way anyway. I may wasted the 11 minutes but then I have realised that, if we didn’t took the longer way, they wont see the City’s center and they won’t be familiar with the place if they were going to commute.

Why should we take shortcuts anyway? We are not in a racetrack or in a competition. Life is full of good things and those things are mostly found in the way that takes time.

We finally reached our destination!!

I have checked the cake that I brought, it was a gift from my friends who were with me in my Mati trip. The feel sad for the cake but it taste good though.

I’ll cut this story here for now but what happened was we travelled again that same day to Gumasa Glan, a place where there is a very nice beachside in Sarangani, this is also the place Sarbay held every year.

Back to my self-exploration. I am actually changing, I have a distinct personality that comes out when I am with them. I also have a different personality when I am with my High school friends. All depends on the people around me.

But whatever personality I have, what I love the most is the personality that comes out when I’m with myself.

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