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Why is it hard to be a Graphic Designer in the Philippines?

To be a graphic designer is a great thing, given the fact that you can actually create and express what is in your creative mind. The most interesting part is when your artworks will be utilized for marketing and increase sales. Graphic design is very powerful and important in our innovative world, with this, the company will continue to grow and compete in the market.

In this idea, how should people value designers? That is the most important thing to ask.

Low Profile. Most Filipinos thought that graphic designers are all have low profile in the business industry, the ending is that they paid lower than what they deserve.

To clear things, not all graphic designers are the same in terms of output, productivity, efficiency and importance.  In the Philippines, so many people described themselves as graphic designers when they learn how to use photoshop or other editing software, which is arguable because graphic design is not just creating things out of the software but creating things out of one’s creative mind.

Overwork less paid.  Actually most of the jobs not just for graphic designers.  This is one of the reasons why freelancers choose to work at their own.

Now lets talk about freelancers.  When the technology is growing, the incredible opportunities were born and starting especially for the artists, from writers to visual ones.  Online world is not only for virtual assistants, in fact, online world is the power of so many artists.  Why? Because through online, you can find various international clients around the world who can pay you more than what you deserve.  This might be the answer for graphic artists in the Philippines who are very passionate. But wait, problem doesn’t end here.  Though we might found the answer, the next thing to think of is the Internet Service Provider.   Yes of course, how can a freelancer do his job without internet?

Internet connection in the Philippines is unstable, that is sad but true.  In this view, many dreams altered and many great artists can’t break through.  That is why most people rather go back to local jobs with minimum wage than  to compete online.

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