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August 2018 when my corporate life is about to end, preparing the new chapter but suddenly, something has changed.  I went to Sagada together with my best friends, Rhea and Francis, not to celebrate but to... we just want to go.  

I was too strict and I have been depriving myself to go out during the year 2017 as I want to focus on my career.  Perhaps, I just don't have time.  Working 9 hours for my corporate job and 4 hours for my freelance online job at the same time.  I was hustling back then.  

Anyway, Sagada is the first place I have visited as a full-time freelancer and this place helped me a lot to recollect my troubled thoughts and composing my emotions into one place.  I did have a little heartbreak from that "2-weeks" guy who was the only guy I have entertained during my stay in Makati.  I also have a little heartbreak from that "ex-best friend" who tried to win me again, and again.  Enough of the drama, where do broken hearts go anyway?

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It took 12 hours (estimate) travel time for us to reach Sagada from Cubao.  I should probably have some time to sleep within those 12 hours but not sure if I even had an hour of it.  I was just completely bothered, my mind is wandering somewhere else, floating, overthinking, not sure what to expect or should I expect something? 

The curves of the edges, the green trees, and the gradient sky, welcomed my soul and that morning in Sagada is all I need to retrieve my peace.

We were lucky to know someone on the bus who guided us where to rest and have ourselves accommodated.  Woodhouse, with a very affordable price (P350.00) per head per night where we settled our things and started our Sagada trip.



One of the oldest Church and the main  Episcopalian Church in Sagada.



This is the place where I shouted my soul out, "Bakit", a Filipino term for the word "Why".  I wasn't just shouted the word, I am asking nature to help me surpass anxiety and heartaches.  I am not talking about small problems like " a little heartbreak" from the people we love (or used to love), I am pertaining to the pains we have growing up.  Life hits us so hard that being in early adulthood is when we juggle our happiness, hobbies, practicalities, life, to the air without realizing that we are playing our own game.  We are the protagonist and the antagonist of our own story and it is the game we don't know how to win, at least not yet.  The echos of my voice made me realize that pains are very strong in the beginning but as time goes by, it will fade.


Hanging coffins are known for Igorot, a tribe in the Philippines.   There are actually so many parts of the mountain where coffins are being hanged and I wondered how did they do that.  Some coffins are even at the top of the edges where it is impossible to climb on.  It was just astonishing. 


IMG_7974-min Strip.jpg

I didn't know that it is too cold down there and I was just wearing a very thin shirt and boxer shorts.  I can really feel the chills as well as the vibe of my energy when I saw the beautiful and weird stone formations.  We had fun passing through running water in the midst of darkness.


IMG_1913-min Strip.jpg

We ended our first day in Sagada with a sip of coffee at Gaia Cafe.  The rain caught us and coffee is the only thing that gives me warm throughout my chilling body.


Mornings with layers of the mountains plus sea of clouds is the kind of morning that makes me feel infinite.  Marlboro Hills is the first place where I finally saw the beauty of the sea of clouds and from there, I always look forward to seeing more in every place I visit.  


IMG_2171-min Strip.jpg


I was amazed not by the blue soil but by the silence and solemnity of the place.  The chill ambiance, the greens, the air.  It was very unforgettable.  We may have a very short trip to Sagada but our stay there is all I need to start my new journey.  Thank you for reading this.



I also have a video version of this trip.  Leaving a comment will be so much appreciated.  Please subscribe to my channel as well, I will post videos that talks about creativity, my adventures, and my life.



8:00 AM


9:00 AM

Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

Echo Valley


12:00 NN


1:00 PM

Sumaguing Cave

Gaia Cafe


4:00 AM


5:00 AM

Marlboro Hills


8:00 AM


Blue Soil

1:00 PM

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