University of Mindanao Avatars

The caricature artwork is a collaboration with artist Ryan Doping, an architecture student, who first draw the prototype of University of Mindanao's caricature.  Deson used the prototype to draw several versions of the caricature for the ten different colleges of the university.  It was also used as an avatar of Kwentong UMyong, a facebook page that lets the student share their thoughts, comments and suggestions about their experiences in the university.

The Colleges:


CAE   |   College of Accounting Education

CAFAE   |   College of Architecture and Fine Arts Education

CASE   |   College of Arts and Sciences Education

CBAE   |   College of Business Administration Education

CCE   |   College of Computing Education

CCJE   |   College of Criminal Justice Education

CEE   |   College of Engineering Education

CHE   |   College of Hospitality Education

CHSE   |   College of Health Sciences Education

CTE   |   College of Teacher Education

Deson Cunado