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Share your insights, touch your audience through your voice.  Podcasting is a powerful tool to communicate, inspire and empower people.  It allows you to create your own voice, your own channel, your own stream that can connect with massive listeners.


A. Podcast Platform
B. Intro and Outro
C. Shownotes
C. Sharing and Saving Files
D. Podcast Cover
E. Listing Podcast
F. Editing Process
G. Episode Graphics

Podcast Platform

Create an account for podcast platform, you can select one of those top best platforms below:
These platforms are the ones who connect your podcast to itunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or any streams that listeners download podcast episodes.

Intro and Outro

Intro is just a welcome message, brief information about your podcast and should not be longer than 1 minute.  It must have music and you can choose from the options below.  Outro is just a thank you message with your social media accounts, where they can find you as well as your guest. 






It can be a word document file that has the following details:

Episode #
Episode Title
Episode Description
Episode Tags

Podcast Name
Podcast Description
Podcast Tags

Take note, Podcast Name, description and tags are the basic info for your podcast as a whole while Episode Title, description and tags are info specific per episode.


Do not forget to include the name of the guest in the Title for guest episodes.

Sharing and Saving Files

After recording audio files, you can share it through Dropbox or Google Drive, whichever is convenient as long as the file is kept online.

Podcast Cover

There are two types of cover, the main podcast cover and the per episode cover.  The main podcast cover is the one shown in podcast searches and the episode cover are the artworks shown per episode of the podcast.  You have the option to use the main cover to all podcast episodes or have an artwork cover per episode.

• Professional high resolution photo.
• Name of Podcast

Podcast Cover

Episode Artwork Cover

Listing Podcast

You need to have accounts for the following podcast players in order to list your podcast from your chosen platform.  Once the episode is published from the podcast platform (buzzsprout, libsyn, podbean), it will automatically listed in the following top directory podcast players.

Editing Process

The editing process is the most important part.  You don’t need to worry if your recording have so many long pauses, uhms, coughs, etcs. Deson will clean the audio recording professionally.  Taking out uhms, delete repeating words, taking out long pauses, etc.  

After cleaning the audio, some quality adjustments will be made depending on the audio raw quality.  Intro and Outro will then be added.  


After the editing, the episode will be uploaded and published to the podcast platform and then the platform will stream the episode to all the podcast players connected to your account.

Episode Graphics

Each episode, it is important to make graphics for social media platforms in order to let your listeners that you have new episode coming or published.  Here are the sample of episode graphics:





One-time payment for podcast management, cover, intro and outro and any necessary steps for the podcast publication.










Episode with


minutes length

Episode with


minutes length

Episode with


minutes length

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