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A podcast is an efficient form of communication that serves as a platform for people from different walks of life to meet halfway. It enables people to multitask and do things beyond what they are currently focusing on. Through this, people are able to share their stories and stimulate the thoughts of new-breed listeners. It provides society a convenience. Convenience with the touch of fingertips.

why podcast?

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Your Voice

Your Message

Your Influence

Your Pod

Launch YourPod with Deson

Audio Polish

Cleaning the audio by removing "uhms", long pauses, incomplete sentences, repeating words, distracting fillers.

Episode Mix

Stitching the polished audio, intro, and outro, with music. Enhancing the audio quality by making it in stereo mode, noise reduction, limiting loudness, and making it the best quality for podcast listeners.


Converting the audio recording into words.  Highlighting the key points and helping the listeners understand why they need to listen. 

Social Media Artworks
Episode Publish
Monthly Analytics

Creating a set of social media artworks per episode to let your audience know that a new episode is up. It includes a square graphic, story graphic, quote graphic, key points graphic, and audiogram.

Organizing episodes and making sure that they are published to podcast platforms.

Sending a monthly status of the show's performance through detailing the number of downloads and reviews.

YourPod Shows

YourPod Partner Shows

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