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23:2 Lucid dreaming – Earth Time

It is getting weirder now. The moment I close my eyes, I know I will be somewhere else. I still have my consciousness, the fact that I can acknowledge in my dream that I am just dreaming. I have enjoyed this kind of activity in mind, until the dreams of mine are getting weirder.

Earth Time. Have you wondered when will be the end of the world? Who knows? But in my dream, I was given a vivid idea when will be the end of everything. If we are in 2018 now and look at the time clock, what time does 20:18 falls? It is 8:18pm if you are using 12-hr time. During 24th hour of the day is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end of the day. Therefore, we are still in 8:18pm and the end of everything is when we reach the alpha and omega which is the 12midnight or 2400 (24:00) if we use 24-hr time.

I know in my dream that I am just dreaming, because I was in year 2400 that time. Everything is swirling, vanishing, it was clear in my mind that I am just dreaming. I started to observe, I heard the loud sound of clock ticking. I saw the 2400 calendar. I saw buildings taller than I thought, I saw flying vehicles exploding, I saw roads floating. When everything seems to be too much to observe, I closed my eyes, lie down where I am standing, telling myself to wake up, enough.


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