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Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival

Updated: May 21, 2019

It is one of the most awaited event every month of February in Pampanga, Philippines.  The breath taking scenery of balloons are just fantastic.  It is a four-day event in average which visited by tons of people both Filipinos and Foreigners. 

Things to Consider

  • This is a big event so expect that there are a lot of people who are also in their way to witness the festival.  You really have to manage your time and come as early as you can so you won’t waste more time falling in line. 

  • Pampanga is a bit warm place, the sand there is very surprising, you really have to bring a face mask though there are vendors who sell affordable face mask in the field. 

  • The field is so wide and you can bring a small carpet for you to sit on the field in order to be relaxed.

  • There are two types of tickets, the VIP and Regular.  Both of them saw the same festival, the only special thing about the VIP ticket is that they have the opportunity to ride on the Hot Air Balloon. 

Best Time of the Show.

The best time to start the festival is the sunrise or the morning time rather than the sunset or the afternoon time. But if you can watch the show for both morning and evening, then that would be great.  Morning time is better because there is lesser chance that the balloons won’t fly because of the air pressure.  Evening time usually has stronger wind so the tendency is that the Hot Air Balloons might wont work though the lights of it in the dark sky is stunning.

What is in the Field?

There are a lot of food stall as usual for a big event, there are also comfort rooms but they are situated at the very side which is a bit too far if you are from the center of the field.

The Show

The show started with a national anthem where the one jet-plane wave the Philippine Flag while in the sky.  There are some exhibitions of the plane before they let the big hot air balloons to fly. It is such an amazing event and you should try to experience it even for once.

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