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Mambukal Hot Sulphur Spring Resort

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Mambukal Hot Sulphur Spring Resort is located in Brgy.Mambucal,Koronadal, South Cotabato. Koronadal City, popularly known as Marbel, is the Crown City of the South, Philippines.

Mambukal Hotspring is a Nature Sanctuary where everyone can experience Nature in peace and tranquility.

There are various benefits of hot spring which includes treatment of skin irritations. Its warmth is perfect for a place with cold temperature that rest in 1,200 feet above sea level. Mambukal is the only hot sulphur spring resort in Koronadal City.

We came late and as expected, there are too many people there already. We haven’t called for cottage reservations so we end up having just 1 table, which is located outside the resort, beside the car parking area. There were other cottages outside, I just wonder why they decided to have that kind of arrangement, maybe they are new cottages and haven’t any other area but outside.

I think this place is good only when there are not so many people around. It is insanely crowded, pools are already occupied by many. The water looks not great already. The best day to visit this resort might be during regular working weekdays. We went there on a holiday so it is not surprising to see that crowd.

There are so many kids and the black sulphur pool is very tiny. Some folks are covering their faces with the black mud from the black sulphur, maybe because it has some good benefits for faces, surely it has.

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