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Mt. Batolusong

Updated: May 21, 2019

Mt. Batolusong is located in Tanay Rizal, Philippines. Almost 3-hour drive from the Metro. It has three summits and sea of clouds but only by chance because there are some instances that the wind is strong enough to wipe the clouds

It is a really good exercise and it keeps your body active and fit.  You have to bare in mind that trekking requires enough energy so you have to compose yourself first before starting the hike.  Mt. Batolusong is a minor climb and a good place for beginners in mountain climbing.  

Things you should have:

  • Headlamp/Flashlight

  • Water (You can refill your bottle with the fresh water from the mountain along your way)

  • Extra shirts

  • Backpack

  • Foods

  • Sport Shoes

  • Sunblock

  • Cameras

  • Extra Money

You can buy food along your way to the peak, there are two stores that sell good food for energy.  But to cut your costs, you can bring your own crackers or bread.  Do not bring a very big backpack since it is just a minor climb to ease the struggle.

At the PEAK It was nice and very relaxing place.  I wasn’t able to witness the sea of clouds but I felt the magic of two rainbows right at every peak.  The peaks were named Mapatag Plateau, Duhatan Ridge and Rangyas Peak.


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